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Welcome to Kamonohashi's Japanese lecture blog"Learn Japanese With Kamonohashi". I'm the owner of this blog "Kamonohashi" nice to meet you. On this blog , I give you some lectures of Japanese lessons and sometimes I write about my daily just like a diary.I'm a Japanese man. Somebody misunderstand but I'm not professional Japanese teacher actually. I'm a amateur Japanese teacher so sometimes , I may make some mistake on my lectures.However , I'll try to make good and funny , friendly lecture through this blog. I'm not a real professor at university I'm not a real teacher at school. I'm not a real lecturer at Japanese school. I'm just a amateur Japanese teacher on this blog. If you don't mind , let's learn and enjoy with me. Also , I give lecture on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/nightviewseekers (*Recently , I can't update ....I'll try to make more video!!) And , you can get this blog's updates information via facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Kamonohashi.JapaneseLecture Twitter : https://twitter.com/ProfKamonohash Tumblr:http://mr-kamonohashi.tumblr.com/ If it is better to check my updates by these Social network services , please use them.

Daily Japanese Lecture The word of Today

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Check the Japanese daily lecture now!

Japanese Lesson the word of today

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Answer of Kanji quiz on weekend "雨"

Which is corrected reading(pronunciation) of Japanese sentence ?

Japanese sentence : 雨音が聞こえる
Meaning in English : I can hear sounds of rain.

A, ame oto ga kikoeru
B, ama oto ga kikoeru
C, uoto ga kikoeru

The answer is .....

Today's Japanese lecture and Japanese practice -major subject-Japanese[The word of today]

Did you graduate from university or college ? I graduated from college and my major was Information and Control technology.
Hm ? What ? Am I expert of computer and technology ? ..Ah ..... , (Kamonohashi escaped)

Today's Japanese lecture is

How to say Major subject in Japanese ?

This word is not for daily conversations ? No~
I think we often use this word when we meet someone first time. 
"Hi , I'm XXXXX. I'm a engineer ."
"Hi , I'm OOOO . I'm a engineer too. What was your major at university?"
"I studied about science technology."


Now , let's start.

"Major subject" in Japanese

Japanese Kanji quiz on weekend"雨"

I don't like rainy days. Because in rainy days I often have a headache and , climate is so damped.

Let's start today's Japanese Kanji quiz! Are you ready ?

Today's Japanese Kanji is

How to read 雨?

There are 3 types reading for this Kanji"雨"


Meaning of this Japanese Kanji "雨" is 


The level of this Japanese Kanji"雨" in Japan.

We Japanese learn this Kanji in elementary school (1 st grade(year))

Today's Japanese Kanji quiz of "雨"

Which is corrected reading(pronunciation) of Japanese sentence ?

Today's Japanese lecture and Japanese practice -Family-Japanese[The word of today]

We have family. Father , mother , brother , sister , uncle , .....in today's Japanese lecture , I teach you

How to say Family in Japanese?

Today , I teach you how to say Family in Japanese .Actually , I got a request from one follower on twitter that do Japanese lecture about how to say family in Japanese.  So , I teach you , how to say mother in Japanese , father in Japanese. But , not only that. In today's lecture I teach you all close relatives too. And , when you call your "father" , do you say "Hey , father " ? Maybe , some of you call "dad" , "daddy" , "papa" ..... 
Today , I show you the table of family name and there are 4 section. 
・In English
・In Japanese(written language)
・In Japanese(colloquial language)

The table of Japanese way to saying for family and close relatives

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