Cool Japanese Kanji lecture on YouTube has started!

Announcement ,

Cool Japanese Kanji lecture has started on my YouTube channel :

I introduce Cool Shape + Cool meaning Kanji . And I guess they are really good for art or design and moreover , when you want have your nickname by Kanji , it will be helpful for you too.

Check it out !!

If you have any requests for this series , tell me on twitter or facebook with #CoolKanji

Which Japan prefecture do you know and you wanna go?

Do you know that there are 47 prefectures in Japan. The most of you know Tokyo , Osaka , Hokkaido ..I guess.
Tokyo is capital of Japan and Osaka is urban prefecture . Hokkaido is the biggest prefecture in Japan.
But , sometimes I heard the name of prefecture name of 


from my foreigner friends . When I asked to them "Why you know ?" then almost all of them say
"I have Japanese friends in the prefecture"

Good ^^

So , today I ask you that , 

Which Japan prefecture do you know ? and Which Japan prefecture you wanna go ?

Today's mumble of Mr.Kamonohashi

It's not Japan today!!!! Too hot ! Too hot!! Send me anything cool ! Ice cream ! lol

Japanese diary entry example:Lesson#8

Let's practice Japanese with writing diary.

Keep writing diary is really good studying for language learning but ,
Japanese is really difficult therefor , many Japanese learner don't know what to write ..

I think , "Keep studying" is important for language learning so , let's write easy ,  Japanese diary.
Just only 3 lines.
I'll show you Japanese diary sample entry. Here is Japanese diary entry example:Lesson#8.

Today's Japanese diary entry example by Kamonohashi

Announcement of my YouTube channel

I upload Japanese lecture on my YouTube channel everyday.

Do you enjoy them ?

And today , I have announcement for you about it.

New lecture will start.

As I check my blogs views , "one" series  lecture is really popular for readers.

It is

Japanese diary entry example Lesson

This lecture is really popular . So , I decided to do this lecture on YouTube too.

And it will be very simple . 

Just only 3 lines diary for a day. 

Aim of this lecture is not improve Japanese but , to accustomed to Japanese more.

Keep difficult things is hard but ,keep easy and simple things are easy for us.

I'll start it very soon on YouTube. Don't miss it!


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