Jul 24, 2017

This blog will be changed

Hi , Kamonohashi here.
I need to tell you something that  , this blog will be changed.

I mean , redesign.

Now , you can check this blog URL:onephrasejapanese.blogspot.com

but , I'll change domain too.

And , I've written some lecture on this blog so far but , it will be deleted from the blog.

Maybe , from August 1st ,

Lecture →on YouTube
announcement or blog→on blogger

Then , what will I write on the blog?

now I'm thinking about to introduce Japanese sweets or snacks.

I think , the most of follower of this blog and twitter , youtube , instagram , like Japan very much.

But , feel another country's something is not easy.

only watch anime on PC? Just listen Japanese music?

Perhaps , it sounds bored.

Then , how about eating ??

When I go to some restaurant , I sometimes go to Italian , Chinese , Indian , French foods restaurant.

I'm not sure , but at there , I can feel food culture that different from Japanese one.

Now , we can use internet very easily .

So , when I introduce some foods on this blog and , you can buy it on amazon too!!

How wonderful system!

Don't you think ??

The snacks that I buy at supermarket , you can get same snacks on amazon !

I really thanks to internet!

anyway  , now I'm planning and preparing for Kamonohashi works.

from August 1st.

I really looking forward to become new !!
See ya!