onephrase Japanese [short lecture]#1

Do you know this Japanese phrase?

(a- yacchatta!)

I say this word when I made any mistake.

The meaning of the Japanese is just like

Oh my god!!

And in literal translation it means

Ah ! I done (such a mistake)

やっちゃった(yacchatta) means "Had done"

But, it's very casually phrase so , why don't you try to say this phrase with your friends?

I can't write good things for my blog always

Hello .
Kamonohahsi here.

Always , I often write positive , good things for my private diary.

But , I have some bad things sometimes.

Guess what guys.

I woke up this morning and went to my workplace then ...I felt any nausea .... But I didn't want to say to my boss "Sorry I go to home right now."

I don't want to escape from anything.

Then , I spent terrible time at workplace somehow.

When I back to home .... I almost gonna down...

Bad condition recently ...but don't worry! I won't stop blog updates and YouTube lecture.
 I keep them everyday.


Anime quotes by #PhraseRequest [A smile is the easiest way out of a difficult situation] Let's say it in Japanese Lesson#2

Here is Lesson 2 of Let's say it in Japanese. Today's phrase is Anime quotes too.

On Lesson 1  , I introduce the Anime quotes from Japanese one Ninja anime.

Today's Anime quotes came from same ninja anime.

In the Anime , one shinobi boy is main character I said. And , there are one handsome shinobi boy . He has special ability. He's good at drawing and he can embody his paints and can treat them as like his summon.

I often heard that many girls like him. Cuz handsome and cool.....Does anybody gonna be a fan of me ? Hey ! I'm handsome! I'm ....ah..not so handsome....

Anyway today's Anime quotes is said by him and do you know this phrase?

A smile is the easiest way out of a difficult situation

in Japanese , you can say 

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