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Welcome to Kamonohashi's Japanese lecture blog"Learn Japanese With Kamonohashi". I'm the owner of this blog "Kamonohashi" nice to meet you. On this blog , I give you some lectures of Japanese lessons and sometimes I write about my daily just like a diary.I'm a Japanese man. Somebody misunderstand but I'm not professional Japanese teacher actually. I'm a amateur Japanese teacher so sometimes , I may make some mistake on my lectures.However , I'll try to make good and funny , friendly lecture through this blog. I'm not a real professor at university I'm not a real teacher at school. I'm not a real lecturer at Japanese school. I'm just a amateur Japanese teacher on this blog. If you don't mind , let's learn and enjoy with me. Also , I give lecture on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/nightviewseekers (*Recently , I can't update ....I'll try to make more video!!) And , you can get this blog's updates information via facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Kamonohashi.JapaneseLecture Twitter : https://twitter.com/ProfKamonohash Tumblr:http://mr-kamonohashi.tumblr.com/ If it is better to check my updates by these Social network services , please use them.

Daily Japanese Lecture The word of Today

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Japanese Lesson the word of today

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Today's Japanese lecture and Japanese practice -I'm sleepy-Japanese[The word of today]

Hi~ here is Kamonohahsi. How are ....Yawn...ah , why ? I slept enough yesterday but , now I'm so 


When I was a student , I was really sleepy while taking class , when I read difficult books , I'm so sleepy and , when I work , I'm so sleepy. Now , get the picture? Today's Japanese lecture is 

How to say I'm sleepy in Japanese ?

To tell your will to the others is important for communication. In Japanese communication too. And especially , the words about physiological phenomena (go to toilet , eating , drinking , ....etc) is really important for communication. 
Now , let's learn today's Japanese word .

Casual way of I'm sleepy in Japanese

Today's Japanese lecture and Japanese practice -Cute-Japanese[The word of today]

Speaking of cute in Japan , what do you imagine ?
Hello kitty ? AKB 48 ? Any anime characters ? When you saw them , you say "Kyaaaaaa , so cute!!" or , Cute is not only for looks. We use "cute" for looks , sounds , and voice  too.
Perhaps , you already know the Japanese word which I'll explain by now . Because , the Japanese word of today is so famous in all over the world . I heard that on TV show in Japan. 

How to say Cute in Japanese ?

This is today's Japanese lecture. Hm ? this word is only for girls ? Wait men , when you want to say "Hey , you're so cute" to Japanese girls , how you do you say ? See , the word is good for both men , females .

Cute in Japanese

Japanese money-Extra Japanese lecture

Hello ~ guys . How are you today ?  I'm ..hm...I always sleepy in daytime while my job haha but now I'm pretty good. I guess Kamonohashi is nocturnal man.

By the way guys , do you like Japan ?

- YES-!!!

Ok ok , Do you wanna come to Japan ?


Good , Do you wanna shopping in Japan ?


Nice!! Then

Do you know about Japanese money?

.....I guess , if you've never been to Japan before , you don't know about Japanese money very well. So , in this Extra lecture , I tell you about Japanese money.

In your country , what is the monetary unit ? US Dollar? Euro? Won? Malaysian Ringgit? Kuwaiti Dinar? Nakfa? Rupiah? Loti? Tugrik? Yuan Renminbi? Japanese monetary unit is 

JPY : Yen

In some country , there are two monetary unit like , "dollar and cent" But in Japan , only Yen . In Japan , you use Japanese Yen for shopping or any payments. At restaurant , shops , payment , you may be able to use credit card too but ,at some place you can use only money. So , I recommend have both for Japanese travelling . 
(*If you already decided where to go in Japan , search on internet and find the website. Most of shops or restaurants publish about payments.)

Today's Japanese lecture and Japanese practice -Check, please.-Japanese[The word of today]

Hi guys. How are you ?
Which do you like Japanese foods?

Sushi , Tempura , Sukiyaki , Okonomiyaki , Takoyaki , ... You come to Japan , you can eat those at Japanese restaurant or somewhere.
And , when you finished the eating , you have to say "Check, please." in Japanese. So, today's Japanese lecture is

How to say Check, please. in Japanese ?

Let's start

Check please in Japanese

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