Answer for the listening training Lesson4


atarashii keitaidenwa o kaitai n dakedo dore ga ii to omou?
nanka osusume aru?
ima tsukatteru smart phone ga furui kara atarashiku shitai n da.
iro wa aka ka shiro ga suki dana.
dekireba iphone ga hoshii na.
demo, iphone wa kaenai.
datte , takai n damon.

I want to buy new mobile but , which do you think the best for me?
Do you have any recommend?
The android phone which I use now is old so I want to buy new one.
I like red or white.
I want iphone.
But , I can't buy iphone.
Because , iphone is expensive.

Q1. Why do I want to buy new mobile?

Q2 , Which color do I like for mobile?

Q3, I want to buy iPhone but , I can't ....why ?


I found really good effort on facebook!!

Hi , guys. How's your every thing ?

I spend really ordinary and busy days .

Today , I want to tell you about one thing which I found on facebook.

One person post something by Japanese.

Used Roman alphabet.

The sentence was not perfect but really good Japanese!

facebook , twitter , blog , youtube , by many way you can express anything and , if you publish your something in Japanese or Japanese by Roman alphabet , when Japanese found that ,

Japanese may think

"Oh ! nice Japanese ! I wanna be a friend!"
"It's really good for me too! I want to study English ! I may can do learning exchange with the person"
"I can give the person advice"

why don't you try it ?

Answer for the listening training Lesson3


Q1, When will Brian come to Japan?

Q2,Why does Brian like Japan?

Q3, How will Brian study Japanese?


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