Japanese Folktale on YouTube is held on Saturday and Sunday(Japan time zone)[Announcement about YouTube lecture]

Thanks for always checking my stuffs on the web .Here is announcement of YouTube lecture .

On Kamonohahsi's YouTube channel , there is "Japanese Folk Tale" series

This is Series 1 "Peach Boy :Momotaro reading by Kamonohashi"

On every Saturday and Sunday , I upload 1 Part for 1 Story.

#HappyNewYear from Japan Guys!

Happy new year from Japan!
2014 has past and 2015 has came.

2014 was really important year for me . And I could get a lot .
Could I give to you anything via YouTube or blog ??

Kamonohashi's good and bad in 2014

Extra Japanese lecture (instead of YouTube lecture)

Hi guys

Kamonohashi here.

In Japan , there are really cold days . I'm so cold now too.

How about in your country ??

Speaking of country , do you know hwo to say your country in Japanese pronunciation??

If you came to Japan , I think you need to introduce yourself to someone and you also need to say

I'm from ...

In my case ,

I'm from Japan.

in Japanese pronunciation ,

(watashi wa nihon kara kimashita)

日本(nihon) means Japan in Japanese .

Could you say your country name in Japanese pronunciation exactly ?

The most of country name's pronunciations are really closer to English one however , in Japanese pronunciation we have a little different Nuance , accent , Intonation and some country name , between English and Japanese , quite different.

Today I show you the country name's pronunciation in Japanese.
The countries begin by letter A.

Antigua and Barbuda:アンティグア・バーブーダ(antigua bābūda)

Really sorry for today's my failed..I swear I'll lecture this on YouTube too.

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