Bilingual books is really good for languages learning!!

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Hi guys , how's your everything ? How's your Japanese studying ?
I hope all of you is fine. But , I not actually ^^; I really disappointed everyday hahahaha

anyway ,

Today I give you one good way for Japanese studying(learning) and details  about it .Bilingual book is really good for languages learning

Bilingual book is really good for languages learning

This is based on my experience. When I was 14 , I found the book about my favorite movie and it it "MATRIX" you know?

Why I bought the book is really simple ! "It is the book of MATRIX"

When I got to home , I opened the book and I noticed "Wow!! I can read Japanese and English both texts from this book!"

Advantage of this way

1,You don't need to use dictionaries 

2,You can check both English and Japanese in same time

3,There are many spoken languages in the movies. So you can learn the real communication Japanese.

Really nice way that using bilingual books .

I still remember the one English phrase learned from MATRIX. It is 

Dodge this!

Oh , and if you buy the bilingual books,  I recommend you to buy the bilingual books of  dramas of family life.

It is good for learning communication Japanese.  

Thank you for always reading my blog!

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