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Japanese food culture SASHIMI(raw fish)

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Speaking of Japanese unique foods , what do you think ?

Sushi ?, Tempura ? Sukiyaki ?

I think , eat the "Raw foods" is Japanese unique style.

I guess , another country don't have the way of eating such like Japan.

We Japanese often eat raw fishes , vegetables , and sometimes we eat raw meat.

About raw fish , we call it


you know?

Many Japanese love this Sashimi.

Short lecture!

in this word there are 2 Kanji.

刺(sashi) and 身(mi)

刺(sashi) means sting but in this case , this Kanji means "cut small" and 身(mi) means "body"

So, Sashimi means 
"The cut meat of fish(or something)'s body "
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