Do you know about Japanese KIMONO ??

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You know Japanese Kimono ?? Kimono is one of the Japanese traditional clothes.
Man , women both are wear this Kimono at the formal scene.

Today , I talk about Woman's Kimono.

Why I talk about Woman's Kimono is there are 2 types of woman's Kimono for womans.

First , please see these 2 pictures below.

Which is gorgeous ? Yes , the left side is gorgeous.
The left side is called Furisode(振袖)
The right side is called Tomesode(留袖)
The difference between these 2 Kimono is not only about " gorgeous or not".
Furisode is the  style of kimono and it is for  unmarried women .Then , Tomesode is a type of kimono too. It is an expensive formal dress for married women.
If , you are single woman now , why don't you try to wear the Furisode Kimono?? It's so pretty !!

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