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Japanese lecture by Kamonohashi : The Japanese words which often used in March

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Recently when I take bus I often see smiling students .

Do you know why??

Actually , March is graduation season .

In Japan , almost all school or company start from April ~ March

Entrance ceremony is held in April and graduation ceremony is held in March.

So today I teach you some Japanese words which is often used in March .

・Graduation ceremony : 卒業式(sotsugyoushiki)

卒業(sotsugyou) means graduation 式(shiki) means ceremony.

・ Entrance exam : 受験(juken)

・Cherry Blossoms : 桜(sakura)

Today's one more point!!

When students has got good result of entrance exam, some of them use this phrase below

サクラサク(sakura saku)

It direct meaning is "Cherry blossoms blooms."

But why they use this phrase for their entrance exam's result??


I said before that Japanese entrance ceremony is held in April .And in April there are many beautiful bloomed cherry blossoms in Japan's many place.

So students want to say " I did it!! I passed exam!! I can enter the school with really good feeling! From April , I can start new school life with beautiful cherry blossoms !!"

And サク(saku) means blooms . Perhaps it is just my opinion but maybe our ancestor used simile "Student's effort become to good result" and "plant growth and blooms"

(*by the way according to my father , サクラサク(sakurasaku) has used in 1960's mainly. At that time , this phrase used for telegram. )

hm? If couldn't got result (can't passed exam) , what they said?


サクラチル(sakura chiru)

チル(chiru) means fall and in this case means Petal fall.

If you have some entrance  exam soon , I wish you will can say サクラサク(sakurasaku).

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