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Japanese witticisms by Great Japanese person in history 8

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In this category I introduce some witticism by  Japanese great person in history.

Today's witticism is by
(Katsuichirou Kamei)

(sekkaku hon wo yondemo wasureteshimau to itte hikan shiteiru hito ga iru. dokusho wo chokin to omotteiru rashii. wasureyouto shitemo wasurerarenai ikku ga attara sorega anatano chiniku to naru.)
There is the people who despair of forgetting the sentences in the book which they read.
If , you could find the phrase that you can't for get no matter how you do , the phrase will be part of you .

Katsuichirou Kamei is
Katsuichirou Kamei (亀井 勝一郎 Katsuichirou Kamei, Feb 6, 1907 – Nov 14, 1966) was a Japanese literary critic.
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