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Japanese witticisms by Great Japanese person in history 16

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In this category I introduce some witticism by  Japanese great person in history.

Today's witticism is by
(Prince Shōtoku )

(hitori no ningen wo sukuu koto ni ookina imi ha nai kamoshirenai .
meno mae ni taoreteiru hito wo houtte oku youa otoko ni nihon wa sukuenai!
seiji kara kokorozashi wo ubattara ittai nani ga nokorunoka!)

There is no big meaning to help one person perhaps.
The man who leave the dead person infront of him can't rescue our country Japan!
If rob the wills from politics , what is left there?

Prince Shōtoku is
Prince Shōtoku (聖徳太子 Shōtoku Taishi?, February 7, 572 – April 8, 622), also known as Prince Umayado (厩戸皇子 Umayado no ōji) or Prince Kamitsumiya (上宮皇子 Kamitsumiya no ōji), was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan who served under Empress Suiko. He was a son of Emperor Yōmei and his younger half-sister Princess Anahobe no Hashihito. His parents were relatives of the ruling Soga clan, and was involved in the defeat of the rival Mononobe Clan. The primary source of the life and accomplishments of Prince Shōtoku comes from the Nihon Shoki.
Over successive generations, a devotional cult arose around the figure of Prince Shōtoku for the protection of Japan, the Imperial Family, and for Buddhism. Key religious figures such as Saichō, Shinran and others claimed inspiration or visions attributed to Prince Shōtoku.
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