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Japanese lecture by Kamonohashi : Which is better?

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Hello , thanks for always following me.

Kamonohahsi here.

Recently , many people talk to me on twitter it's so nie and I'm so glad.

I regard all of you is my students!!!(*´∇`*)

And many students try to talk to me in Japanese !!

like "kon ni chi wa!!" "カモノさん!!"

Good good good!!

And I noticed one thing .

Some students try to talk in friendly Japanese.

for example , when you wanna say "How are you?" you can say

(ogenki desuka?)

in Japanese. This is politely way.

One students talk to me like this

(ogenki ka?)


it is not wrong . I can understand.
But actually , its expression is little rude.

~ですか(desuka) , ~しますか(shimasuka)

These are politely way of Japanese talking.

However ,


This style is rude way.

for example ,

(anata wa isha ka?)
Are you a doctor?

It's not good way.

The best way is

(anata wa isha desuka?)

Politely and natural way of saying.


The Japanese politely way of saying has many pattern. Please study gradually .

And if you are beginner of Japanese , I recommend you to study (learn) politely way first.Because , friendly(frankly) way is difficult .
(* On my YouTube , I speak Japanese in politely way too.)

Please don't get halfway Japanese but please learn both politely and friendly Japanese surely .
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Thanks for always reading and sharing on SNS

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