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Japanese lecture by Kamonohashi : How to say ~self in Japanese?

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Hello everyone . Today I teach you
"How to say and use


in Japanese.

To just learn those word's meaning is easy.

First, let's learn Japanese personal pronoun.

I : 私は(watashiwa)
my : 私の(watashino)
me : 私を(watashiwo)
mine : 私のもの(watashinomono)

you : あなたわ(anatawa)
your :あなたの(anatano)
you :あなたを(anatawo)
yours :あなたのもの(anatanomono)

he :彼は(karewa)
his :彼の(kareno)
him :彼を(karewo)
his :彼のもの(karenomono)

she :彼女は(kanojowa)
her :彼女の(kanojono)
her :彼女を(kanojowo)
hers :彼女のもの(kanojonomono)

we : 私たちは(watashitachiwa)
our :私たちの(watashitachino)
us :私たちを(watashitachiwo)
ours :私たちのもの(watashitachinomono)

they :彼らは(karerawa)
their :彼らの(karerano)
them :彼らを(karerawo)
theirs :彼らのもの(kareranomono)


Then , XXXself is said

"~自身の(~ jishin no)"

in Japanese.

so , 

myself......私自身の(watashi jishin no)
yourself.....あなた自身の(anata jishin no)
himself.....彼自身の(kare jishin no)
herself.....彼女自信の(kanojo jishin no)
ourself(ourselves)......私たち自身の(watashitachi jishin no)
themselves.....彼ら自身の(karera jishin no)

And now give you some examples 

・ It is problem of yourself ! I don't care!
(sorewa anata jishin no mondai da ! watashi niwa kankei nai!)

・I did it by myself.
(watashi wa sorewo watashi jishin( or jibun de) yarimasita)


To be honest , today's theme is difficult for me too. This theme bothers me for few hours hahaha.
Anyway , the phrase "~self" is "~自身の(jishin no) or 自身で(jishin de)" in Japanese. And its position is depend on the cases.

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Thanks for always reading and sharing on SNS


  1. thank you! very well explain... now time for me to start using it

    1. Thanks for your comment and welcome ^^


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