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I not die I back

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Hello , long time to no see.
Kamonohashi here.

First , sorry that I couldn't write anything .

There were some reason .

But , they are really my personal reason so , I don't say detail about them.

Now , Japan is AM 1:50

So , I can't do any lecture or something today .
But , I've wanted to tell you my existence and , want to greet to my new followers on twitter.

My latest blog update was January 20th.

about 2 weeks has passed.

now my followers is......2114

Amazing number , I was so surprised.
Thanks god , thanks PC , thanks my friends , thanks mom , dad , brother , sister , .....
and . thanks for all my followers.

Sometimes I can't do enough work on blog , YouTube as a Japanese teacher Kamonohashi.
I always sorry to you all  on my mind.
However at the same time , I always think about you all and find you all in my dream at night.

I don't know my followers face well(because many followers use the picture which is not own face ah, me too hahaha). So , I can't imagine your face in my dream .
But , in my dream I was talking with you certainly.

And , I really hope it become real.

I'm so proud that all of my followers is really nice people .

I want to meet you all in Japan someday and wanna have big party too. hahahaha

Anyway , today's article is just like a diary of me. And , I not stop my Japanese lecture on blog and YouTube . Please remember .

I restart my Kamonohahsi activity with my own speed.


PS: ..... Blog design has little changed . Hm ~ bright color is better than dark color. 
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Thanks for always reading and sharing on SNS

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